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Turning of the Week

Some turnings deserve a bit of recognition. This page will feature a turning (roughly every week) selected from the Show & Tell pieces. The selection is arbitrary and at the discretion of the webmaster. Feel free to suggest turnings for this page but publication is not guaranteed. The turner will be asked to write a short description of the piece before publication.

The “Trash Can” Vase by John Glessner
approx. 2" x 6"


Made from walnut with a padouk and cherry segmented inlay.

The turning was then cast with Alumilite resin and hollowed exposing resin and making the piece translucent.


This vase started with an idea: Could I make a hollow form that had some segmented features that didn’t require precise fit up as the surrounding area would be filled with resin?


The design was inspired by a welded metal sculpture that hangs on the wall in our house. It features thin steel strips welded in a wave pattern that looks like an electronic signal. This sits on top of a mottled green background. My wife affectionately calls this sculpture “trash can” art as the harsh welded steel pieces in it reminds her of metallic cans (yes, you can guess which one of us bought that piece!)


I “borrowed” that idea but instead of steel I glued wedges of different woods into an over-sized turned groove mimicking the “trash can” pattern. The wedges were cut to different lengths and widths and assembled somewhat randomly gluing up with CA glue. I left space in the groove for the resin to fill. It was cast in two steps, first the green color, then grooves turned and the gold stripes were cast in. After final turning and hollowing it was finished with CA glue polished to a gloss.


Posted May 18, 2017

Multi Axis turning by Arn Ward
Approx. 1-1/2" dia x 7" tall

This funky looking piece is a Wood Sprite box.  The lidded box is turned on four axis, two for the base and two for the lid. There is a wood sprite living inside it (no really, you have to remove the lid to see him!)  The box is turned from walnut and has a Danish oil finish.


Posted 5/5/17

Segmented turning by Lowell Converse
Approx. 12" dia x 8" tall

This is the second attempt at a new process I call brick construction. Each layer of the vessel must have the correct outside angle and near exact diameter for the overall shape to be right. Thus each segment edge length must be +/- 1/64". The angle and segment length are tablesaw challenges. Then before gluing up the rings, each segment is chamfered on 4 sides and then dyed or bleached. Once the rings are glued they are stacked and glued one at a time with position and orientation critical, as there is no going back and the overall form is done. And there can be no glue squeeze out or it will show in the finished piece. Next the inside and base are turned round. On this, a one piece lid was turned, carved, the grooves burned,  and dyed to match the vessel. Note the knob on top is 6 sided lost wood.

Posted 4/19/2017

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