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Promoting the art and craft of wood turning in the greater Cincinnati area

Date: 2/18/2022
Subject: Instructions for Bowl with Walnut Rim
From: David Wright

Bowl with Rim Enhancement
Below are the instructions on how to enhance the rim of a bowl with Walnut shells.  Information provided by Jerry Warner as part of his February Meeting Demonstration.

Enhancement of Turned Bowls with

Walnut Shell Slices






Bowl Gouge

Detail (Spindle) Gouge

Slipjoint Pliers




Dry, Rough Turned Bowl Epoxy

Walnuts Fine Wood Dust

Blue Painter’s Tape Nut Picks

Cups for Measuring Container for Mixing

Wire Brush Tooth Brush

Popsicle Sticks Rubber Gloves



Safety Equipment:


Face Shield - Eye Protection

Dust Mask




Goals of Class

Basic Safety

Examples of Completed Pieces


Step One: (Bowl #1)


Use lathe to true up bowl

Use parting tool to make trench

Use string to determine how many shell slices

Use bandsaw to cut walnut slices

Use wire brush and tooth brush to clean walnut slices

Use epoxy to glue shell slices to bowl - use blue painter’s tape to  hold slices

Step Two: (Bowl #2)


Mix epoxy - measure in cups

Add wood dust to epoxy and mix

Add epoxy/wood dust mixture to bowl - press into crevices

Put aside to let epoxy set


Step Three: (Bowl #3)


Turn epoxy/walnut shell band

Fill in any gaps with additional epoxy/walnut dust mixture

Put aside to let epoxy set


Step Four: (Bowl #4)


Turn epoxy/walnut shell band a second time

Look for any gaps

Fill gaps with additional epoxy/walnut mixture as needed

Turn epoxy/walnut band a third time

Sand outside of bowl

Finish turn inside of bowl and sand

Apply finish to bowl