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Date: 4/29/2021
Subject: OVWG Board
From: Jerry W Warner

Ohio Valley Woodturners Guild
Earlier today you received a message from Nancy Bowman announcing her resignation as President of the OVWG and the resignations of Ted Smucker (VP of Programing) and Donna Hill (Secretary).  Robert Tuemler (VP of Facilities and Equipment) had resigned earlier in the year so this leaves one active Board Member in place - Diane Gamstetter as Treasurer.  These resignations leave the Guild without a Board to provide leadership and direction for the organization.  
The Bylaws (Article XVIII, para. 6) provide guidance concerning the filling of vacant positions on the Board as follows:  "Vacancies may be filled by the President with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors. A qualified member may be appointed to a vacant office, or the President may call for an election for a vacated Board of Director position. An election will be decided by a majority vote of members casting ballots at a regularly scheduled meeting."  However, they do not anticipate an event such as this and therefore provide no direction.  As Immediate Past President (a non-Board position), I have looked at ways to move on from here.  I have talked with Diane (Treasurer) and find that she plans to stay in her position.  I have also spoken with Phil McDonald, Executive Director of the AAW, and sought his advice on how to best proceed.  
As you are aware, the recent election resulted in the selection of a new President (Jon Hornbach) and Vice President of Programming  (David Wright).  While their terms were to begin on September 1, 2021, the most reasonable approach seems to be that they assume their positions now.  As stated in the Bylaws this will allow Jon (as President) to appoint members to fill the other open positions or to hold a  special election.  Director McDonald agrees that this seems to be the best solution to the current leadership emergency. I have also spoken with Jon Hornbach and David Wright and find that they are willing to assume their respective roles now.  
Considering the current situation, it is unclear as to who should act to assure that a continuity of leadership is maintained.  In an effort to assure the best interests of the Guild are met I believe that it is appropriate for me to announce that the roles of President and Vice President for Programming are as of today filled by Jon Hornbach and David Wright respectively.  Both have been duly elected to these positions and are ready to provide the leadership that members expect and deserve.  I am sure that they will be in touch in the near future to tell you of their plans for the Guild.
Jerry Warner
Immediate Past President